The Week in Review – Volume One

Since I am getting back into old school blogging I thought I may as well try a week in review. Mostly because I have a pretty terrible memory and these kinds of things are good at keeping track of the little things that I wouldn’t normally remember for very long.



+ I went to the second book club some ladies in our church are doing on Tuesday, the book we are reading is You Who, honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the book. But, I haven’t finished reading in yet so I don’t want to say much else, maybe it will get better. Right now my biggest complaint is that she doesn’t go back to the Bible enough.

+ Wednesday morning our social worker who did our home study came with another social worker, the one we will be working with for our first year. So many workers!

+ Thursday I went to a church Bible study, we are going through Finding God Faithful, it’s the story of Joseph and has been incredibly good. I didn’t get any of the homework done from last week since it was our first week with Buzz and Woody but next week is a break so I’ll do some catch up.

+ on Friday I took Buzz and Woody to the doctor, by myself. We waited in the waiting room for over an hour (it was closer to two hours) and I was questioning my own sanity. The boys weren’t bad they were just kind of all over the place. Also, I was reminded how much I want to look like a good parent (aka have kids that behave nicely), I have a feeling fostering will eventually break that. Also, free health care is great but sometimes you pay for it with long wait times.

+ this week I finished the first thirty days in the reading through the Bible in ninety days plan that I’m doing and I am still.on.track. This is a personal record!

+ Friday evening we had some of Jared’s family over (the ones that could make it, we did invite them all) for birthday cake for Rae’s birthday . . . which was pretty much a month ago . . . I’m always behind things with her birthday because it falls close to Thanksgiving and also because I’m not a good birthday party planner.

+ I found a bunch of other old school blogs to read, comment on and follow! I will probably share a list in my next newsletter.

+ I made a batch of gluten free playdough for the kids. The recipe I use only has cornstarch, baking soda, water and food coloring and comes together quickly.




+ Me: “Thank you Ephraim!”
Ephraim: “You’re welcome, will you stitch me a friendship quilt?”

What does he even know about friendship quilts?!?! Or quilts in general?

+ When the two social workers were over Buzz was eating a snack at the table and took both of their hands and pretended to pray and then said “Amen”. It was adorable.


That was fun to reflect on my week, hopefully I can keep up with weekly reviews for a bit because I know it will be nice to look back on over the years.


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