twenty-seven things

Well, today marks the anniversary of my entrance into this world twenty-seven years ago so I figured what better way to celebrate than to share with you the things I hope to accomplish this year.

My twenty-seven things:

  1. travel to Africa again or a new country – God and some friends have been putting some crazy dreams on my heart and in my head
  2. do 27 of my Pinterest pins – I’m thinking this will be pretty easy
  3. take a blog rest every seven weeks
  4. send some happy mail each month – if you want some happy mail delivered to you, just send me your address!!
  5. keep dreaming
  6. buy fair trade more often
  7. buy ten house plants and keep five alive – this might not seem like an accomplishment to some but it sure would be for me!!
  8. make blessing bags to keep in the van and giveaway when needed
  9. make some lunches to take downtown and give away – I’m thinking I should include some banana muffins
  10. tutor some elementary students
  11. make forts with Raeca
  12. teach Rae preschool
  13. sew a quilt
  14. start or get involved in a social enterprise
  15. go on a weekend getaway with Jared
  16. sew an article of clothing for myself – one that I actually like
  17. create a reading corner in Raeca’s room
  18. do a month of crossfit
  19. “run” 10K – at one time, without dying
  20. go on a picnic with my little family
  21. photograph each of my grandparents, and Jared’s grandpa too – my grandmas are both very camera shy, this is going to be a hard one
  22. continuing writing monthly letters to Raeca – it’s my goal to get them made into a photo book once she turns five
  23. meet an online friend – there have been so many women of action that I’ve met online and I know if I get to meet one of them, chances are it will be in a foreign land
  24. take risks
  25. get back into my morning prayer routine
  26. pray for the entire world – via Operation World
  27. teach an art class

Here is one of my Pinterest DIY’s from this weekend. Jared helped by cutting most of it out. I hope to take some better photos of it yet to share:

with love,


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