• The Week in Review

    The Week in Review – Volume Two

    On to week two for the week in review. Wow, how fast the weeks fly! Honestly, a whole lot happened this week. I’m not really ready to do much outside of the home by myself with all four kids yet (especially when one of them is a runner) so we mostly hung out at home during the week and then ventured out on the weekend when we had a better adult to child ratio.   + From the Week + + Buzz and Woody are settling in well I think. They are very busy boys and it has been hard to have any “free time”. My priorities when I have…


    The Week in Review – Volume One

    Since I am getting back into old school blogging I thought I may as well try a week in review. Mostly because I have a pretty terrible memory and these kinds of things are good at keeping track of the little things that I wouldn’t normally remember for very long.   + FROM THE WEEK + + I went to the second book club some ladies in our church are doing on Tuesday, the book we are reading is You Who, honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the book. But, I haven’t finished reading in yet so I don’t want to say much else, maybe it will get better. Right now…

  • Our first week of foster care

    We Survived the First Week!

    It’s officially been just over a week since we got Buzz and Woody* and we all survived! *My Instagram friend, Jessica from @theopenhome suggested we use those names for our online names for our first foster care placement and they are so perfect for these boys.   Here’s a few random things from the first week: The first few nights were rough Not a lot of sleeping occurred but the daytime was pretty good. You win some, you lose some. Thankfully it got better and they are pretty much sleeping through the night now except Woody who will sometimes wake up once and wants to be held to fall back…

  • Our First Foster Care Placement!

    The Foster Care System is Unpredictable & Our First Placement!

    Like I mentioned last week, our social worker told us to expect a call early this week. Rae was already disappointed when a call didn’t come on Friday. By the end of the day Monday she was devastated. She had pretty much reduced to a constant moan. Ha, I told her to enjoy the quiet while she could! Then a call didn’t come on Tuesday. On Wednesday Rae said a call was going to come either at 12:00 or 3:06. Lunch came and went and still no call. But then at 3:03 the call came! (She was just 3 minutes off!)     That call resulted in a series of…