• Foster Care Q & A - the hardest part of fostering? adoption? saying no?

    FOSTER CARE Q&A – adoption? the hardest part? saying no?

    This month marks two year since we started the process to be approved to be a foster family. It’s crazy how much life has changed and the number of kids in our home has gone up and down since then! And now we are approaching the time in the lives of our current foster kids where they have almost been in our home for as long as the time before they were in our home.     I want to continue to use this blog to raise awareness for foster care and adoption and I’m branching out to include YouTube in this as well. I may be that weird person…

  • Changing Our Foster Care Range of Acceptance

    Why We Changed Our Foster Care Range of Acceptance (and what we changed it to)

    While Buzz and Woody were still with us we knew we were going to change our range of acceptance for our next placement. Their social worker constantly raved about how well they were doing and how good our home was for them but the truth is, it wasn’t the best for our family. The three and a half months they were in our home wore on all four of us and our family as a whole. A lot of that we felt and were aware of and some of it we didn’t even realize until they were gone. I know God knew exactly what He was doing by putting those…

  • Foster Care - When the Kids Go Home

    And Just Like That, They’re Gone

    Yesterday morning Buzz and Woody’s social worker phoned and started out the conversation “Sometimes the Ministry does things strange . . .” and then proceeded to tell us she would be picking them up in a few hours to reunite them with their birth family. That call was not expected. Earlier in the week we were told that the birth family had just made an effort to start the reunification process and the social worker said she wanted to take things slowly, with day visits and then overnights but she’d let us know more information at the end of the week. Well, that information resulted in us saying goodbye immediately,…

  • Thoughts on Fostering

    Honest Thoughts Three Months Into Fostering

    An alternate title I had for this post was: What Have We Gotten Into? We are just three months into our fostering journey and I wanted to write a post with some random, honest thoughts, similar to the one I wrote after the first month. I don’t know what the average length of placement is for fostering here but I would be curious to know. We’ve just had the one placement (Buzz & Woody) for the last three months (with no end in sight). I know some people who have had much longer placements and some much shorter.     HONEST THOUGHTS THREE MONTHS INTO FOSTERING   MOTHERING DOES NOT COME…


    The Christmas That Was

    Yeah, so that’s a pretty pathetic title but this Christmas is kind of the Christmas that was. There was a lot of sickness, overwhelm and exhaustion, it definitely wasn’t as exciting and restful as I had hoped.   + FROM THE WEEK + + Ephraim finished his medication for pneumonia just in time to celebrate Christmas. + we celebrated our immediate family Christmas on Christmas Eve and there were some awesome reactions from kids when they opened their presents, I’m glad I got it on video. + speaking of video, I intentionally filmed a number of different scenes from the week and am putting together a little Christmas week video.…


    Sickness Invades Our House Once Again & Merry Christmas!

    We just don’t seem to be able to banish sickness from our house, it’s been one thing after another and this week brought even more sickness to our home.   + FROM THE WEEK + + Monday was our thirteenth anniversary! Jared’s mom came over and watched the kids for the afternoon while we went out. We had a very romantic date of buying new glasses at Costco and shopping for stocking stuffers at Dollarama. Honestly though, it was just nice to get out of the house without kids. Unfortunately Jared was sick so it date ended earlier than we planned. + a random thing to note: you know how…