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Hey guys, so crazy last few weeks. I’m hoping to get back into the normal life routine this week, though with this nice weather I suspect I will be spending a lot of time outside as Raeca has just learned how to drive her trike and we have been slowly going around the block as many times as I will allow.

Anyway, you all know I am a big fan of international adoption and missions trips, and what I’m an even bigger fan of is supporting others who are called to them. Today I want to share a couple of ways you can help some of my friends out!

First up, the Craft family, they are adopting from the DRC and were recently matched with a little girl, it’s not legal to share the faces of the kids until later in the process, but I can just tell from this photo that she is beautiful:

Do you want to help bring her home and enter to win a boat load of awesome stuff? Check out their awesome giveaway, it ends TONIGHT so head on over there now!!!

Next up, my friend Ashley is going to Africa next month (Ethiopia and Uganda) to love on some orphans, oh, how I wish I could join her! She only needs $800 to be fully funded and she is having an awesome Noonday giveaway, this one ends on Mother’s Day, enter that one too and think of all the awesome stuff you could have coming your way!!

I stole this image from her blog, aren’t her and her son just adorable?!

Now go and love on some of my friends by donating, and if you do let me know so I can send you virtual hugs! (They will be virtual hugs even if you live by me cause I’m not really the hugging type . . .)

with love,


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