Referral Program

Want to share the courses with your friends and earn some money at the same time?

With our referral program you will receive 30% from the purchases made through your referral link!


Use the following link to direct your friends to the courses page:

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Referral Program Details

You will receive 30% of the sale on individual course sales, so if a friend purchases a $25 course you’ll receive $7.50!
If they use a coupon code and the course is on sale for $20 you’ll receive $6 from the sale.

Payouts are made at the beginning of the month for all accounts with a balance of $50 or more. If you don’t make the $50 threshold that month your balance will be carried over and your payout will be made at the beginning of the next month your balance is $50 or more.

We will send your payout via PayPal so be sure to include your PayPal email address in the Settings tab below.

You can check your account balance by clicking on the Statistics tab below.