• My June TBR - some non-fiction, fiction, classics and more!

    June TBR – What I Want to Read in June

    Oh dear, this month’s TBR started out pretty rough but things came around a little. Even though my reading usually slows down in the summer I am still planning on continuing picking a TBR each month and hopefully this will give me some extra motivation to carve some reading time out in the summer months.         SOME RELATED LINKS Read Your Bookshelf Challenge Giveaway  TBR Cart Introduction Read Your Bookshelf Challenge Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Irena’s Children Murder in Mesopotamia Station Eleven   BOOKTUBER MENTIONED Lovely Day with Holly

  • 34 Birthday Goals While 34

    Thirty-Four Birthday Goals

    Well, today I turn another year older. I’m not really big on birthday celebrations. I usually like pick what I want to eat and go on a bit of a local-ish adventure. Other than that I often spend the few weeks leading up to my birthday thinking of goals for the next year. Back when I turned twenty-six (a lifetime ago!) I started making a list of goals based on my age. I like doing this larger list of goals because it forces me to be a bit creative and my list ends up including a number of quick and easy ones, some practical ones and some I need to…

  • Frozen Hot Chocolate that tastes just like Wendy's Style Frosty and is dairy free!

    Frozen Hot Chocolate aka Wendy’s Frosty Knock Off – Dairy Free!

    On hot summer days, or unusually warm spring days, we like to cool down with this super simple frozen hot chocolate. You can call it frozen hot chocolate or you can call it a Wendy’s Frosty knock off, both would be accurate. (I would call it a Frosty but both my kids are lactose intolerant and have no idea what a Frosty is.) No matter what you call it it’s delicious and it’s our summer go to.     So far this spring we’ve been doing a decent amount of work in our yard. We added a playhouse for the kids, one they can use for years instead of growing…

  • Our Elementary Summer Read Aloud Book List

    Our Elementary Summer Read Aloud Book List

    For the last few years I have been creating a list of read aloud ideas for our summers (I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this for the winters as well, I need to start this). I like to share our summer book list here because 1) others may enjoy it and 2) if I don’t save it here I may lose it. Unlike most of my book lists I create we haven’t read all the books on the list so I cannot guarantee they will be spectacular but I have either heard good things about them and/or have read some good reviews so I hope they will mostly…

  • Book Outlet Book Haul - homeschool books, books for the toddler, mystery books, art books and more!

    Yet ANOTHER Book Outlet Haul – I Was a Little Disappointed

    Do I have a Book Outlet addiction? I don’t know, you tell me! Ha, actually, most of the books in this haul (minus the ones I bought as gifts) were free, thanks to people using my Book Outlet referral link, they got $10 in free books and I get $10 for every person that uses my link. If you haven’t ordered from there before you can get $10 off your first order with my referral link (and I’ll get $10 too, free books for both of us!). My BookOutlet.com referral link My BookOutlet.ca referral link     BOOKTUBERS MENTIONED Mary from Happily Ever Esch Lovely Day with Holly   OTHER LINKS…

  • Homeschool Resource Giveaway - Win $100 worth of our Favorite Homeschool Resources

    A Homeschool Resource Giveaway

    This month on the Intentional Homeschooling Instagram I have been hosting the third annual #HereIsOurHomeschool challenge. As part of it I have been sharing a number of our favorite homeschool resources in my Instagram stories and the other day I had the idea of doing a giveaway and buying some of our favorite homeschool resources for one lucky person, and because I like to act on things fairly quickly, here’s the giveaway! Even though I am hosting the challenge over on Instagram I didn’t want to have the giveaway there because I’m honestly so over Instagram giveaways. I’m constantly being tagged by people for their entries into random giveaways and…