• Currently: Life Updates in January 2021

    Currently – January 2021

    I always enjoy these currently posts, it works as a bit of a brain dump and a bit of a way to share some things that are going on that don’t really need their own post. According to my blog records, it’s been six years since the last time I wrote this kind of post. For whatever reason I have all those old currently posts unpublished. I may go back and re-publish them at some point.   HERE’S WHAT I’M CURRENTLY . . .   PRAYING . . . for Buzz and Woody. I thought about them a lot after they left our home almost a year ago and ever since…

  • Mid-Year Goal Update

    Birthday Goals Update

    Every year around my birthday I make a set of goals and I thought I would actually do a mini update now of my goals that I set back in May. This is my “six-ish” month update, okay, maybe more like almost eight months. Since it’s not that far before I’ll do my final update, I think I’ll just briefly touch on the goals that I have not reached yet, well, I’m also not going to include the goals that I am no longer interested in reaching. Then in May I’ll do a full update sharing how I did with each of the goals.     BIRTHDAY GOALS I HAVE…

  • My Favorite Agatha Christie Books - the best Agatha Christie mystery books, in my opinion


    I thought it would be fun to look through the Agatha Christie books I’ve read and share my five favorites! I have not yet read all of her books and I’m hoping I will find more favorites along the way but I thought I would share some of my favorites so far. If you have favorite Agatha Christie books, I would love to hear them! Oh, also, if you like her writing, I’ve got a few other recommendations at the end!       MY FAVORITE AGATHA CHRISTIE BOOKS   Murder on the Orient Express Just after midnight, the famous Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift.…