• RE-TRY OR UNHAUL? ✨ you decide what I should do with these books!

    RE-TRY OR UNHAUL? ✨ you decide what I should do with these books!

    There’s a bunch of books that I’ve quite for one reason or another in the last while and I thought it would be fun to let you vote and decide which one I should try again! The rest of the books will get unhauled soon so choose wisely! I’ll announce the winner later this month when I share my August TBR. Go ahead and vote below!     Loading…

  • How I Read and Study My Bible - including the Bibles I use and my favorite pens and tools

    how I READ & STUDY MY BIBLE plus my favorite Bibles and tools

    I have wanted to show how I read and study my Bible for quite some time so I am excited to finally have this video for you! I would love for you to leave a comment sharing how you read and study your Bible!         RESOURCES & TOOLS CSB Floral Notetaking Bible ESV Personal Size Cloth Over Board Bible Studio Highlighters: I got mine from Dollarama Papermate Black Ballpoint Pen Cello Colored Pens Blue Letter Bible App My 60 & 90 Day Bible Reading Plans  

  • ten years after surgery: SAGITTAL CRANIOSYNOSTOSIS

    ten years after surgery: SAGITTAL CRANIOSYNOSTOSIS

    This month marks ten years since Raeca had surgery for sagittal craniosynostosis and I wanted to do a little overview of our story.         I couldn’t include all the pictures I wanted into the video, so here are a few more:   four months old   six months old   eight months old   nine months old – the night before surgery   Monday   Tuesday   Tuesday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Thursday     Saturday   two weeks after surgery   one month after surgery   ten years after surgery


    FOSTER CARE UPDATE & what if you don’t agree with the system? & other foster care Q&As

    I wanted to share a little bit of a foster care update today and answer a couple more foster care questions I get asked. Question I will be tackling included: what do the kids call you? what does the timeline look like for going home/how much notice do you get? what if you don’t agree with the system? how much control do you have over the ages you have in your home? If you haven’t yet watched my previous foster care Q & A I would recommend doing that as well. Oh, and you can see our foster care timeline here.    


    My Goals for Thirty-Five & How I’m Tracking Them

    Okay, so this post is a month behind when I would have liked to have it up but it’s time to share my birthday goals! I’ve been making birthday goals for the last ten years and it’s time to change things up a bit. Previously I set the same number of goals as the year I turned (so when I turned twenty-six I set twenty-six goals), but obviously that can get a little overwhelming and I knew I did not want to set thirty-five goals this year. So, I decided to scale back and only make ten goals for the year. Even that was a little difficult, for the longest…