• The Best Novels for Grade Two

    Twelve of the Best Novels for Grade Two

    It feels like forever since I’ve written a book list! I used to do them every week but I took a little break and it’s been hard to get back in the habit, but I plan on bringing them back every two weeks, if there is a specific genre/type of book list you would like, let me know! For today’s…

  • Calming Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend - great for mom and kids!

    Calming Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend

    I love experimenting with new essential oil blends. This particular blend I made quite awhile ago and has had a lot of use in our house, can you see how empty the bottle is in the photo? That’s my proof. I wouldn’t describe myself as a naturally calm person. I’m a highly sensitive person, raising a highly sensitive and emotional…

  • Printable Minecraft Reading Log - free printable reading log to inspire kids to read more!

    Printable Minecraft Reading Log

    Raeca definitely got her love of reading from me. She turned seven in October and in that month, November and December she read twelve to thirteen chapter books each month. It makes my mama and reader heart proud. 📚❤ But then in January she dropped off to three books and this month she hasn’t felt like reading much. I know it’s…

  • An All-Inclusive Vacation with Kids - are they right for you?

    Our Trip to Mexico – An All-Inclusive Trip with Kids

    Early in the winter we knew that we wanted to escape a little of the Canadian prairie winter and made plans to take an all-inclusive trip to a warm location in January. January is usually our coldest month here with temperatures usually below -20 and with -40 being fairly common. Not surprisingly winter depression often starts to hit around then…

  • The Best Healthy Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

    The Best Hot Cocoa – Homemade & Dairy-Free

    I don't drink coffee and about a year ago I found one kind of tea that I enjoy. But I am often cold and live in a land of almost perpetual winter so a girl has got to have some kind of hot beverage to warm herself with. Enter homemade hot chocolate. I originally found a Starbucks copycat recipe years ago…

  • How We Are Homeschooling Through the Olympics - covering topics such as math, geography, art and more!

    How We Are Homeschooling Through the Olympics

    When it dawned on me a few months ago that the Winter Olympics were this year I knew right away that was going to be our whole homeschool plan for the month of February. Since sharing that we don’t stick to a schedule or curriculum in our homeschool I’ve gotten a lot of messages from other homeschool moms that can…