• Generosity Monthly Scripture Writing Challenge - Bible verses about giving, money and generosity

    Monthly Scripture Writing Challenge: Generosity

    I started the practice of trying to write a verse or few verses from the Bible back in July and it is a practice I want to try to continue in 2020. I haven’t been successful every day (especially this last month where I missed more days than I actually completed) but I want to keep trying. For the foreseeable future I plan on continuing to make my own monthly Scripture Writing Challenges. This month the theme is generosity. A topic I will be writing about more in the next little bit. I also have ideas for the next two months as well, February will probably be love and then for March I…


    The Christmas That Was

    Yeah, so that’s a pretty pathetic title but this Christmas is kind of the Christmas that was. There was a lot of sickness, overwhelm and exhaustion, it definitely wasn’t as exciting and restful as I had hoped.   + FROM THE WEEK + + Ephraim finished his medication for pneumonia just in time to celebrate Christmas. + we celebrated our immediate family Christmas on Christmas Eve and there were some awesome reactions from kids when they opened their presents, I’m glad I got it on video. + speaking of video, I intentionally filmed a number of different scenes from the week and am putting together a little Christmas week video.…


    Sickness Invades Our House Once Again & Merry Christmas!

    We just don’t seem to be able to banish sickness from our house, it’s been one thing after another and this week brought even more sickness to our home.   + FROM THE WEEK + + Monday was our thirteenth anniversary! Jared’s mom came over and watched the kids for the afternoon while we went out. We had a very romantic date of buying new glasses at Costco and shopping for stocking stuffers at Dollarama. Honestly though, it was just nice to get out of the house without kids. Unfortunately Jared was sick so it date ended earlier than we planned. + a random thing to note: you know how…

  • My Personal, Blogging and Book-ish Goals for 2020

    My Personal, Blogging & Book-ish 2020 Goals

    The new year is quickly approaching and I thought I would share my goals for 2020. Since there are still a couple of weeks left in the year I may come back and tweak or add to these goals a bit if I think of anything else. I thought of writing a post on how I did on my 2019 goals but it turns out that I failed at almost all of them. Awesome. To keep 2020 from being a complete failure in regards to goals I plan on using my free monthly printables as well creating a bullet journal-style goal trackers. I will either share more about that here…


    20+ Books to Read in the Winter

    For the first time this year I have been trying to make more of an effort to read books seasonally. I made a list of fall-ish books to read in the autumn a few months ago and have been thinking a lot about a winter list ever since. This list includes books that I have either read already and think would be perfect for this season or they are books that I have heard a lot about and are high on my TBR that seem fitting for this season. As always, I am open to more book recommendations! If there is a book that you think I would enjoy or…

  • Week in Review

    Unexpected Thanking, Funny Quotes & Christmas Choir

    I feel like these weekly reviews are getting later and later. Ideally I would like to write them on Sunday, usually it’s been Monday and this week it is Tuesday. Oh well, maybe next week.   + FROM THE WEEK + + I went to the doctor on Monday to follow up on my infected arm from last week and it was pretty much back to normal! Now there is just a sore that needs to heal but there was no more pus and my arm was no longer swollen. + Buzz and Woody had another visit this week and as we were loading the boys back into the van…