an online workshop for creating an intentional road map for your life


This online workshop is designed to help you create a road map for your life. To help you remember (or discover) your passions, your strengths, your goals and your dreams.

If you are feeling purposeless or tired of living the life society expects you to live and want to rediscover a passion for life, you are in the right place.

Think of this workshop as having the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with a good friend and them slowly pulling your buried hopes and dreams out from under the dust. We won't just stop there though, we'll take it one step further and have you planning some actionable steps to work towards your dreams.

This is a self-paced workshop that you can go through at a time that is convenient for you - even if that's 3am!





Included with the workshop is a bonus, printable workbook to fill out as you go through the lessons.

This workbook will help guide you through the process of mapping your life and will make a great reference guide after you complete the workshop.

Oh, and it has a value of $25 but you get it for free with the workshop!


Hi, I'm Chantel, a blogger, wife, mother and homeschooler.

This course was created after a season of what felt like purposelessness in my own life. I knew I needed to find some direction in life and that I had passions and dreams inside me that had been forgotten for awhile, but I was ready to re-ignite those dreams and actually make them a reality. This workshop is an in-depth look at the process I took to create my own road map.

Now you can often find me doing one of the things I am passionate about: reading good books, writing or planning our next family adventure.

Choosing a Word for the Year - why you should do it and some tips on how to find a good word


Who is this workshop for?
It is for anyone who knows they have dreams and goals for their life that they haven't get accomplished and want to create a road map to be able to achieve them.

Do I have a time limit for completing the course?
Nope! You'll have access as long as this website is around so you can enroll in the course now and work through it later down the road.

Is this course spiritual or religious based?
As a Christian my faith plays a huge role in my dreams for my life and how I go about trying to reach them. There are sections in the course that will talk about faith but if that is not applicable to you, then you can go ahead and skip those sections.


I don't actually want to change anything in my life right now, is this workshop still for me?
Doubtful. This course is for those that know they have (or had) dreams for their life that are currently sitting on the shelf, not for those who are living the life of their dreams. If you are loving your life where you are at, great! But this course probably isn't for you then.

What format is the course in?
The workshop is text-based by request from many of my readers who are busy moms and don't always have the opportunity to sit down and watch videos.