lampshade re-do

Hi Friend! I hope you had an excellent Labor Day weekend! (What Labor Day is I really have no idea, I just love any day that lets Jared stay home from work!)

Remember me mentioning in this post how I really needed to give this lampshade a new cover? Well, I finally did it!

I looked through my stash of fabric and found this yellow and cream pattern that I really liked:

Once I decided on the fabric I was going to use I knew it wouldn’t look good with the blue lamp base so that got a few coats of white spray paint as well.

I don’t think the colors really go well in Raeca’s room . . . it would work better in the boys room I have been designing in my head for a few months. But until we know if there will be a little boy joining our family it will stay in Rae’s room.

I thought about sharing the complete tutorial but the one that I followed is already online and very useful, you can check it out here, plus I always get into my crafts and forget to take photo of every step along the way. Maybe in the future I’ll do a step-by-step diy.

I like the color of the lamp and shade so much better now.

I’m also planning on doing posts on these canvases in the future, maybe I’ll do a step-by-step diy for one of them!

with love,


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