For the Mama Who Thinks She Could Never Homeschool Because She Can’t Teach *Insert Subject Here*

When we made the official decision to homeschool I felt fairly confident about my ability to teach every subject except science (well, I was a little leery about math too, but I already covered that).

While science wasn’t necessarily a subject I struggled with in school it was definitely a subject I wasn’t very interested in.

I had thought that my husband, who enjoyed science so much more than I, would take over the teaching of that subject, and while he does some sciencey stuff with the kids, the truth is, he has a full time job and doesn’t always have as much time to do the fun experiments with the kids as he would like.



A few weeks ago I started using the weekly record pages I made to go with the Intentional Homeschooling Mini Planner and do you know what I have been noticing?

Most of the things we have been doing in our homeschool fall under science.

I’m sure this isn’t always the case, I know for sure there are some weeks where we will be more heavy on other subjects but I have been very surprised to realize how much we do when it comes to science.


For the Mama Who Things She Could Never Homeschool Because She Can't Teach *Insert Subject Here*


In the past few weeks we’ve:

Watched a season of Mythbusters.

Taken apart a laminator.

Watched a few episode of Mighty Machines.

Started seeds indoors for our garden.

Watched videos about how seeds turn into plants.

Gone to the zoo.

Asked a lot of questions about animals and the human body.

And more!

Even Raeca’s independent reads have been science related:


For the Mama Who Things She Could Never Homeschool Because She Can't Teach *Insert Subject Here*


I don’t think I would have had this realization had I not been keeping track of our week by subject.

One of the reasons women tell me that keeps them from homeschooling is because they could never teach *insert their trouble subject here*, the subject isn’t the same for every woman though science is often one of the top subjects that is brought up. (I actually asked this question on Instagram. And while math was definitely #1, science and reading were pretty much tied for #2.)


For the Mama Who Thinks She Couldn't Homeschool *Insert Subject Here*


Whether you homeschool already or are hoping to homeschool in the future, I would challenge you to keep track of the learning that occurs during your day. Try to fit it into categories by subject (which, I understand, is easier said than done sometimes), and see how much learning happens naturally in the subject area you are worried about.

I’m curious if you would be as surprised by the results as I was.


For the Mama Who Thinks She Couldn't Homeschool *Insert Subject Here*


If you are looking for a good way to keep track of your weekly activities by subject you can check out my Homeschool Mini Planner – the weekly record printable has been a great way to keep track of our weeks and I know is going to make my year end reporting so much easier.


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