• DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner Spray - Simple to Make and Works Well!

    Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray – Great for Toilets!

    I started looking for natural beauty and cleaner recipes a few years ago, I found a few good ingredients and recipes that I liked and that’s where I stopped. I always meant to find more recipes for other cleaners I wanted to replace but I never got around to it. Until this weekend. I was going to clean our bathrooms only to find that we were out of toilet bowl cleaner. The last toilet bowl cleaner I bought had been “natural” (I didn’t look at the ingredients so I can’t attest to how natural it really was) and it barely worked. Honestly, I don’t think it worked, it was my…

  • Garden Tour - Planting Our Backyard Garden Beds, The First Rhubarb Harvest of the Season Plus Composting Worms!

    May Garden Tour – Planting Our Backyard Garden Beds, Plus Composting Worms!

    I thought it would be fun to document our garden this summer. Living in Saskatchewan we have a much later planting season than a lot of other places so we just got everything in the ground.     We aren’t doing anything crazy in the garden this year but I love documenting it and seeing the plants grow and how much the trees grow from year to year.       LINKS rhubarb syrup for soda our garden two years ago

  • Square foot backyard gardening in a small-ish space.

    Our Small-ish Backyard Garden with Raised Garden Beds

    The first summer we were in living in our current home Jared made some raised garden beds. We didn’t have grass or a fence but we had a garden! #priorities In our previous homes gardening had been very unsuccessful. A lot of that has to do with my own brown thumb (or wait, maybe that’s just called neglect) and part of it was definitely because we had really bad soil. We figured the garden would stand a better chance if we built raised beds and filled them with good dirt.   Year one . . .   This is now our fourth summer with the raised beds and I can…

  • Simply Earth Essential Oil Subscription Box Review!

    Simply Earth Essential Oil Subscription Box

    I’ve been dabbling in the essential oil world for a few years now. After trying a few different companies I’m still not completely brand loyal. I have a few companies that I order from regularly. In my initial foray into essential oils I tried out a number of companies right off the bat and wrote a post about the pros and cons of each essential oil company, I plan on writing an updated post soon with some more companies and thoughts added but it’s still a pretty accurate post. The one thing I have not done is order oils from some of the more expensive companies. I prefer to not…

  • Calming Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend - great for mom and kids!

    Calming Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend

    I love experimenting with new essential oil blends. This particular blend I made quite awhile ago and has had a lot of use in our house, can you see how empty the bottle is in the photo? That’s my proof. I wouldn’t describe myself as a naturally calm person. I’m a highly sensitive person, raising a highly sensitive and emotional child, that doesn’t result in a lot of calm in our house. I always joke that my daughter and I would make good TV if we were on the Amazing Race, the pressure would completely break us. It wouldn’t be pretty but I’m sure it would make “good TV”. So,…

  • Two Natural Alternatives to Shaving Cream

    Two Natural Alternatives to Shaving Cream

    Shaving cream. It’s something I haven’t used in years and now when I think of it I am kind of appalled at the waste that goes into one tiny container that doesn’t even last very long. Because it’s been so many years since I’ve used it I kind of wonder if anyone still uses it? Was I behind on the times and everyone moved on from shaving cream before I did? I’m assuming people must still use it since stores are still selling it so under that assumption I thought I would share my two favorite natural alternatives to shaving cream. I have actually shared these methods before in my…