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    Escaping to Somewhere Warm – Phoenix, Arizona

    Two years ago Jared and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We had planned on going on a trip for our anniversary but Raeca was going through a fair bit of separation anxiety at that time so it never happened. So, with last week being our 12th anniversary we finally got a chance to get away. This was actually our first time having time away with the two of us since Raeca was born (eight years ago), it was about time that it happened. When trying to figure out where to go we knew our options were to either drive to somewhere in Saskatchewan where it would still be cold,…


    Traveling and Getting Some Rest

    Two weeks ago we were so blessed to have the opportunity to spend a few days in Anaheim, California (actually, we were technically in Garden Grove but who has ever heard of that place? We were pretty much a block from Anaheim and a few blocks from Orange County, roll with me here, blame my ignorance on the fact that I live in a province almost void of people, case in point: California has a higher population than all of Canada, have you seen how much land we have up here for so few people?). I admit, we were on the fence on whether or not it was actually going…