A Trip to the Market

    It seems I am still digesting all the lessons I learned from our trip to Uganda in February. We’ve been back for six months and I feel like I am still learning. One day on our trip Michelle needed to go to the local market to buy some new shoes for the boys at the home (either the shoes were cheaply made or those kids were rough with their shoes). I decided to go along with her and made the mistake of forgetting my camera, I regret that decision to this day. At the market we wandered down one of the aisles until we came to a stand that sold…

  • Promise & Witchcraft

    Promise & Witchcraft

    While in Uganda we met a young girl named Promise. She lived close to Tyler and Michelle, and her and her brother Moses would often stand outside the fence that surrounded their house and yell out “muzungu” (white person) or “Jeremiah” (Tyler and Michelle’s son). One day we let them in the yard to play, as well as eat some plain bread, which they quickly devoured. While they were over Michelle pointed out Promise’s ear -it looked kind of like she had a pierced ear, but it was pierced with a tiny stick. Michelle told me that many people in the area strongly believed in witchcraft and a lot of…

  • A Deep Longing

    a deep longing

    It can come up so suddenly, at the most unexpected of times. This morning I opened up Facebook and saw this face: Sweet, sweet Sam with the most amazing smile. It’s hard to believe that this young boy, who we only saw a few times while in Uganda, has stolen my heart so completely. I still want to take him home. <3 Just seeing this photo makes me long for the red dirt roads, the children yelling out ‘muzungu’ as we drive by, dancing in church to songs I don’t know or can’t understand, and the sweet faces of these precious orphaned children. The next time we go to Africa…


    I miss Africa

    Just sitting here this morning thinking about how much I miss Africa, mainly the people and the lively Sunday morning church. I can’t wait until the day we get to go back. with love, Chantel

  • Araphat's Story - A Street Boy from Uganda

    uganda {araphat’s story}

    Araphat’s mom couldn’t afford to feed both him and his sister so he decided to go live on the streets of Kabale so that his sister could eat. He was only 7 years old. This boy is smart -he was often used as a translator at Humura and all his English he picked up on the street. It makes me wonder what his life would be like if he had been born here instead. Here’s his story:   Linking up with Titus2Minutes.

  • Gilver's Story - A Street Boy from Uganda

    uganda {gilver}

    Child sponsorship has been a part of my life for years. When I was younger my parents sponsored a girl from Bangladesh through World Vision. Then after I graduated from high school I sponsored two kids through Compassion (a boy from the Dominican Republic and a girl from Indonesia). And a few months ago we started to sponsor a boy from Uganda through Victory Community Care Services -Gilver. While in Uganda we heard Gilver’s story and I wanted to share it with you: He was caught stealing at a young age so his dad decided to beat him. Not only that, but he got everyone in their village to join in on the…