• How to afford and budget for family travel

    Nine Tips for How You Can Afford to Travel as a Family

    We have incorporated our children into our travels from the very beginning. When Raeca was not quite a year we started planning our trip to Uganda and never even though of not bringing her, it was just a given. And because we adopted Ephraim from South Africa he was on a plane not long after becoming our son. While they have a long way to go before being world travelers they (especially Raeca) have traveled a decent amount, more than a lot of adults I know.   Watching the monkey grab food out of the bird feeder in South Africa.   THE BENEFITS OF FAMILY TRAVEL There is something really special…


    Seven Things to Think About When Becoming An Au Pair

    The above photo was taken at Lulworth Cove This fall marks the ten year anniversary from when I moved to England for a few months to be an au pair (just writing that is making me feel a little old). I made the move at the age of 18, just a few months out of high school, and while I am so glad I took the chance, there are some things I wish I would have thought through a little bit more (and some things I’ve heard from others), if you are one of those who are thinking about becoming an au pair abroad today I wanted to share a…