• Akanyijuka - School for Orphaned Children in Uganda

    uganda {akanyijuka}

    The word “Akanyijuka” (pronounced ahh-can-jew-kah) is Ruchiga and means He remembered me. I absolutely love that meaning. Akanyijuka Children’s Home is a home in Bubaare, Uganda (pronounced boo-ball-eh, or if you are from the UK boo-bar-eh, which actually makes more sense based on the spelling but in Uganda their r’s and l’s are all messed up). Akanyijuka was opened up in 2007 and now has about 50 orphans and 6 house mothers. If I remember correctly they take kids in as young as 3 up to 8 or 9 years old but then I believe they can stay there indefinitely. Akanyijuka is another division of Victory Community Care Services (I hear…

  • Arnold's Story - A Ugandan Street Boy

    uganda {arnold’s story}

    One of the things Jared was doing while we were in Uganda was interviewing the boys from Humura. Hearing their stories as to why they went on the street, what the street was like and what it is like to be living in a home now. Each boy has a story, this is Arnold’s.

  • Humura - Home for Ugandan Street Boys

    uganda {humura – part one}

    The ministry we went to help out with in Uganda was Humura Homes, which is under Victory Community Care Services. On November 5, 2011 two homes were opened in Bubaare, Uganda. They were created for teen boys who were living on the streets of Kabale as place to live, go to school and most importantly, learn about Jesus. These boys were on the streets for a variety of different reasons, I will be sharing many of their stories over the next few weeks. The homes were nameless until a couple of days after we arrived. Pastor Edward came over to Tyler and Michelle’s house one evening and started going over…


    uganda {victory community care services}

    I think the best place to start when talking about our trip is the organization we worked with, Victory Community Care Services (website to come as soon as Jared has it up and running). Victory Community Care Services is a non-profit organization based out of Kabale, Uganda and was started by Pastor Edward -an amazing man of God that reminded me so much of my own father, if they ever met they would be great friends. The goal of VCCS is: To further provide Christ centered services for the relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution particularly with both vulnerable children and youth, working proactively and collaboratively with all…


    uganda {some stats}

    One of the first thing that hit me about Uganda were all the people. They are everywhere. People walking, people on bicycles, people on motorbikes, people standing outside their shops, people selling things, people sitting around . . . Uganda is 1/3 of the size of Saskatchewan and yet the population is 34 million (with Saskatchewan coming in with a measly 1 million). Out of that 34 million 2.5 million are orphans. One in every ten children in Uganda will die before their 5th birthday. 35% of Ugandans live below the poverty line ($1.25 US per day). I think the bears repeating: 35% of people in Uganda live on less…


    our itinerary – ebb->yxe

    Well, we’ve made it back to Entebbe Airport Guest House. We just said goodbye to Tyler and Edward. It is very humid in Entebbe. I think it is going to take me a few days to process our whole trip and then I will start blogging about it. Here is our itinerary for the way home (in Saskatchewan time): Thursday, February 23 – Friday, February 24 1) Leaving Entebbe at 2:59pm (midnight Uganda time) and arriving in Brussels at 11:20pm. 2) Leaving Brussels at 1:25am and arriving in Frankfurt at 2:35am. 3) Leaving Frankfurt at 6:45am and arriving in Calgary at 4:35pm. 4) Leaving Calgary at 7:05pm and arriving in…