• Grand Palladium Vallarta Review - An Air Canada Vacation to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, an all-inclusive trip with kids - full review!

    Grand Palladium, Puerto Vallarta Review

    Ever since we got back from Mexico three weeks ago the temperatures here at home have pretty much been steady at -30/-40, can someone please send me back to the sunshine?! Last week I shared a few photos from our trip in my post about all-inclusive trips with kids but after getting a number of questions on our specific resort I thought I would share a full review. We booked our trip though a travel agent, which is actually our first time doing so. I had heard good things about local travel agent, Ashley Doell, so we chose to go through her. It doesn’t cost any more to go through…

  • An All-Inclusive Vacation with Kids - are they right for you?

    Our Trip to Mexico – An All-Inclusive Trip with Kids

    Early in the winter we knew that we wanted to escape a little of the Canadian prairie winter and made plans to take an all-inclusive trip to a warm location in January. January is usually our coldest month here with temperatures usually below -20 and with -40 being fairly common. Not surprisingly winter depression often starts to hit around then too. With the cold temperatures and sun rising after 9am and setting by 5pm and knowing there are still a couple months of winter left it’s a bleak time. A week in the sunshine is the perfect thing in the middle of a Saskatchewan winter. We’ve done South Africa, Uganda…


    Petrofka Spring – Exploring Saskatchewan

    Once again, one of my goals for this year is to get out and explore Saskatchewan so a couple of weeks ago when my friend Robin asked if the kids and I wanted to head out to Petrofka Spring with her and her boys one morning I jumped at the chance! I had actually never heard of Petrofka Spring until she mentioned it so I read a little about it online, apparently because of this spring many Doukhobors decided to settle in this area back in 1899. Truthfully it’s a small little spring but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the kids loved playing near it and following…


    A Guide to Durban, South Africa

    Since we’ve been to South Africa I’ve had a lot of parents contacting me asking lots of questions about lodging, things to do, and just wanting general information about South Africa, which is awesome! I’ve wanted to share information with our adoption right from the get-go. I keep telling everyone that asks that I’ll make a guide to Durban for adoptive families so here it finally is! Just a few disclaimers: I’m going to share a few of our favorite things and places, but to be honest, we didn’t do as much as some other families. I know some families do every touristy thing while they are out there (many…


    Tala Game Reserve

    One thing we knew we wanted to do while in South Africa was see some animals! When we were in Uganda a few years ago we saw nothing (well, except birds but those aren’t all that interesting) and so we didn’t want to leave Africa a second time without seeing some big animals. While we were in South Africa we only had a rental car for the first few days of our trip and then after that we got driven around by Tezz at Bonana Tours & Transfers, we asked her where would be the best place to see some animals and she recommended Tala Game Reserve. When she picked…


    The Way Back Home

    Today we start our journey back home! I still have lots to share from our time here and I hope to do that in the coming weeks after Christmas. (It’s so hard to believe it’s almost Christmas! We’ve been focused on other stuff for so long we’ve pretty much missed the entire Christmas season.) Anyway, in a few hours we’ll be off to the airport. We have the same route as our way here: Durban -> Johannesburg -> Frankfurt -> Calgary -> Saskatoon. We are praying for uneventful flights and kids that sleep 🙂 For anyone interested in meeting us at the airport, we are currently set to arrive in…