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    The Week in Review – Volume Three

    What a week! This one honestly started out really rough. Wednesday I may have been questioning some of my life decisions. Thankfully Woody started (mostly) sleeping through the night after that and that made a world of a difference in my mental and physical state. (Sleeping through the night is much preferred to being awake for hours each night.)   + FROM THE WEEK + + Jared was on worship Sunday morning, Ephraim was sitting with a friend and Raeca and I were left to wrangle Buzz and Woody during the first part of our church service, it was . . . busy, but not terrible. The boys love music…

  • The Week in Review

    The Week in Review – Volume Two

    On to week two for the week in review. Wow, how fast the weeks fly! Honestly, a whole lot happened this week. I’m not really ready to do much outside of the home by myself with all four kids yet (especially when one of them is a runner) so we mostly hung out at home during the week and then ventured out on the weekend when we had a better adult to child ratio.   + From the Week + + Buzz and Woody are settling in well I think. They are very busy boys and it has been hard to have any “free time”. My priorities when I have…


    The Week in Review – Volume One

    Since I am getting back into old school blogging I thought I may as well try a week in review. Mostly because I have a pretty terrible memory and these kinds of things are good at keeping track of the little things that I wouldn’t normally remember for very long.   + FROM THE WEEK + + I went to the second book club some ladies in our church are doing on Tuesday, the book we are reading is You Who, honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the book. But, I haven’t finished reading in yet so I don’t want to say much else, maybe it will get better. Right now…