• I Took My Kids' Toys Away - and here's what happened

    I Took My Kids’ Toys Away – And Here’s What Happened

    Tired of cleaning up toys all the time and being overwhelmed by the clutter? Check out my free mini-course: Clutter Free Home.     A few weeks ago I was sick of constantly picking up toys (or asking the kids to pick up toys) so I made the decision to put their toys away and see what would happen. I may be considered a bit of an extremist – my methods usually fall under the all or nothing categories. So, in the morning I told the kids we would be putting their toys in the storage room for a little while, this wasn’t said out of anger or anything, I just explained…

  • What Minimalism Means to Our Family

    What Minimalism Means to Our Family

      If you’ve been following me for any length of time you would know that minimalism is something I have been slowly working to over the last few years. I’ve noticed that a house filled with clutter overwhelms me, I can’t focus on anything else when my house is in a disarray. Having less stuff in my house helps me be able to breathe deeper, relax more fully and be able to enjoy my family more. I’ve even noticed it being helpful with my children, who don’t realize it yet but also get overwhelmed by the burden of too much. If there is one thing I’ve learned in the last few…

  • Simplifying Our Homeschool Schedule - Minimalist Homeschooling

    Simplifying Our Homeschool Schedule – Minimalist Homeschooling

    In the beginning of December I started to realize our homeschool schedule was not working very well for us. I would plan our day and rarely would we get to it all. It wasn’t because I was planning a whole lot in the day, but every time I mentioned what we were going to do next it would be met with groaning (with the exception of poetry tea time, that is always met with cheers). Math, which Raeca has always enjoyed, became something she dreaded. I hated that they were hating it so it was time to switch things up. (Major pro to homeschooling: flexibility!) At one point I came…

  • Homeschooling on a Budget - how we do it!

    Homeschooling on a Budget

    I love all things school supplies. I think it actually might have been part of the reason I became a teacher in the first place. Notebooks, pens, workbooks, organizational supplies, art supplies, planners . . . you name it. But because I know that school supplies are a weakness of mine I do often hesitate before making purchases, especially big ones like curriculum and some of the bigger ticket items. I try to fight my desire to buy all the things and keep our homeschooling expenses as low as possible. Today I wanted to share a few ways I like to do that. HOMESCHOOLING ON A BUDGET LIBRARY We definitely take…


    Simple Living and The Hustle

    Initially, those two terms seem contradictory to me: simple living & the hustle. And while it is true that they can coexist, they can even be complimentary. I don’t have a personal official definition of simple living, but other people do: Tsh Oxenreider calls it “living holistically with your life’s purpose” Joshua Becker says for him it is, “the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us” I really like both of these definitions. One thing to note: both of these definitions assume you know what you value most and/or what your purpose is in life. Even though I love talking about life…

  • Simplifying with Kids

    Simplifying With Kids

    Runner up post title was: How to Simplify When Your Daughter is a Sentimental Hoarder (hmm, that actually sounds like me when I was growing up). One thing I’ve learned in the last few years is: I don’t need better organizing systems, I need less stuff. That revelation was huge and ever so helpful for me and since then I have found myself constantly looking around my house for things that I no longer use or like. I have found that I would rather own less stuff than spend the time and effort into always cleaning it up and having it take up space. My biggest challenge in all of this…