• OFFICE DECLUTTER & ORGANIZATION - clean out and organize my office with me! / DECLUTTERING SERIES

    OFFICE DECLUTTER & ORGANIZATION – clean out and organize my office with me! / DECLUTTERING SERIES

    Today I’m continuing the decluttering of my house with an extreme office declutter and organization! So far I’ve decluttered my closet and pantry and now it’s time for the office. Let me know what you have been decluttering lately!     For the last few months Jared has been sharing the office with me but he recently moved back upstairs to his own office and so it was high time I did some decluttering and organizing! The result is a space I feel like I can get a lot of work done in.    

  • Thoughts on My Second Annual Social Media Fast

    Thoughts and Results On Yet Another Social Media Fast

    In December I decided to take what has become my second annual month-ish long social media fast. There is a big part of me that wishes I wasn’t on social media at all and then there is another big part that really enjoys a lot of benefits of social media. Last year I had a six week social media fast and shared some of the things I learned after that. For this year I decided to take the entire month of December off of Facebook and Instagram. To be honest, I didn’t miss it at all.     It seemed kind of funny to take a whole month off of…

  • Social Media Fast 2019 - Round Two

    Social Media Fast – Round Two

    Last December and January I took a six week social media fast and loved it. The choice to go back on was harder than the choice to go off. I felt like I learned a lot in those six weeks and had a lot of extra time (something that feels so fleeting these days). As December and the Christmas season approaches I’ve made the decision to have a social media fast again, though with a few slight changes.   FACEBOOK Starting December 1st I will be off of Facebook. This blog still publishes a link to my posts to my Facebook page and my homeschool blog does the same. That way…

  • Eight Lessons I Learning During a Six Week Social Media Fast and changes and rules I am making for myself for the future

    Eight Lessons from a Six Week Social Media Fast & Changes I’m Making for the Future

    One of my goals for this year was to take a one month social media fast, in December I decided January would be the month. But then the week before Christmas I thought, why not start early? So, my one month social media fast ended up being six weeks. I decided to stay off of both Instagram and Facebook for the fast. Instagram is where I was spending most of my time and found myself scrolling mindlessly or checking to see if people had commented on what I had posted. If we are going to toss around the word “addiction” then Instagram would have been my social media addiction. Facebook was…