FOSTER CARE UPDATE & what if you don’t agree with the system? & other foster care Q&As

    I wanted to share a little bit of a foster care update today and answer a couple more foster care questions I get asked. Question I will be tackling included: what do the kids call you? what does the timeline look like for going home/how much notice do you get? what if you don’t agree with the system? how much control do you have over the ages you have in your home? If you haven’t yet watched my previous foster care Q & A I would recommend doing that as well. Oh, and you can see our foster care timeline here.    


    My Goals for Thirty-Five & How I’m Tracking Them

    Okay, so this post is a month behind when I would have liked to have it up but it’s time to share my birthday goals! I’ve been making birthday goals for the last ten years and it’s time to change things up a bit. Previously I set the same number of goals as the year I turned (so when I turned twenty-six I set twenty-six goals), but obviously that can get a little overwhelming and I knew I did not want to set thirty-five goals this year. So, I decided to scale back and only make ten goals for the year. Even that was a little difficult, for the longest…

  • International Adoption Q & A - how much does it cost? how long was the process? and more!

    how much does it cost? fundraising? why international adoption? – INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION Q&A

    I’ve been wanting to do an adoption Q & A for a long time and here it finally is! I have a feeling this will be part one of many but I am excited to answer some of your questions about our international adoption. Some of the questions I’m answer in this Q & A include: why international adoption? how much does it cost? what about fundraising? how do you choose an agency and country? how long was the process?      

  • Foster Care Q & A - the hardest part of fostering? adoption? saying no?

    FOSTER CARE Q&A – adoption? the hardest part? saying no?

    This month marks two year since we started the process to be approved to be a foster family. It’s crazy how much life has changed and the number of kids in our home has gone up and down since then! And now we are approaching the time in the lives of our current foster kids where they have almost been in our home for as long as the time before they were in our home.     I want to continue to use this blog to raise awareness for foster care and adoption and I’m branching out to include YouTube in this as well. I may be that weird person…

  • 34 Birthday Goals Final Update

    Thirty-Four Birthday Goals – Final Update

    Another year has gone by and it’s time for me to give a final update of my thirty-four birthday goals. I did not do well with my goals this last year, I think there are a few reasons behind this: #1 COVID – this really got in the way of life #2 fostering – this affecting things a lot more than I realized #3 forgetfulness – I simply forgot about some of these goals   How I Plan on Doing Better Next Year I still like setting goals though and just need to figure out a way to set things up so I do better next year and I have…