• Social Media Fast 2019 - Round Two

    Social Media Fast – Round Two

    Last December and January I took a six week social media fast and loved it. The choice to go back on was harder than the choice to go off. I felt like I learned a lot in those six weeks and had a lot of extra time (something that feels so fleeting these days). As December and the Christmas season approaches I’ve made the decision to have a social media fast again, though with a few slight changes.   FACEBOOK Starting December 1st I will be off of Facebook. This blog still publishes a link to my posts to my Facebook page and my homeschool blog does the same. That way…

  • goals for 33

    My Goals for 33

    Since my birthday was nearly two months ago I figured this would be a good time to share my goals for the year. I like to set goals each year at the beginning of the year and around my birthday, though I always go for a longer list of goals on my birthday and generally include some simple ones and some that I probably won’t reach. I like to dream big and imagine possibilities and I like my goals to reflect that. Though, apparently if I take two months to actually share my goals some are completed or in the process of and some I’ve already decided to change or…

  • Tips on how you can stop being a procrastinator and be more productive

    Productivity, Procrastination & “Doing it All”

    I am a fairly productive person. I love creating to do lists and that satisfaction of checking things off of the list (admittedly, I will sometimes add a task to the list after I’ve already done it so I can have the joy of checking it off). So, it may come as a surprise to people who know me now that I used to be, and still am at times, a procrastinator. (Just ask Jared, I am terrible at procrastinating when it comes to putting receipts into our budget.) But I’ve come a long way from my serious procrastination days. I thought it would be fun to share a few…

  • Free printable Goal Tracker to help you break down your goals and keep track of your goal deadlines

    Free Goal Tracker Printable

    I’ve got a lot of goals for this year, a number of them are fairly big goals that need to be broken up into smaller goals so I don’t get overwhelmed and give up before I even start. Because I’m the kind of girl that likes to write everything down I decided to create a goal tracker printable to help me keep track of the smaller steps my big goals require. And if I’m creating a printable for myself, I figured, why not share it with the class?     All you need to do is sign up here for my free resource library and you’ll get access to the…

  • Eight Lessons I Learning During a Six Week Social Media Fast and changes and rules I am making for myself for the future

    Eight Lessons from a Six Week Social Media Fast & Changes I’m Making for the Future

    One of my goals for this year was to take a one month social media fast, in December I decided January would be the month. But then the week before Christmas I thought, why not start early? So, my one month social media fast ended up being six weeks. I decided to stay off of both Instagram and Facebook for the fast. Instagram is where I was spending most of my time and found myself scrolling mindlessly or checking to see if people had commented on what I had posted. If we are going to toss around the word “addiction” then Instagram would have been my social media addiction. Facebook was…

  • How to afford and budget for family travel

    Nine Tips for How You Can Afford to Travel as a Family

    We have incorporated our children into our travels from the very beginning. When Raeca was not quite a year we started planning our trip to Uganda and never even though of not bringing her, it was just a given. And because we adopted Ephraim from South Africa he was on a plane not long after becoming our son. While they have a long way to go before being world travelers they (especially Raeca) have traveled a decent amount, more than a lot of adults I know.   Watching the monkey grab food out of the bird feeder in South Africa.   THE BENEFITS OF FAMILY TRAVEL There is something really special…