• Fostering - taking another placement

    And We’re Back at It

    Well, yesterday afternoon we had a social worker drop off a 17 month old boy so I guess we’re back at it! Originally, after Buzz and Woody left, we had been planning on taking a break for a few weeks but we took last weekend to hang out as a family and then did a quick little trip to Edmonton and actually felt rested and ready to take another placement. We did make some adjustments to our range of acceptance, which I’ll share more about in another post, but we did make the decision to only take one child this time. I don’t have an online name for our little…

  • Foster Care - When the Kids Go Home

    And Just Like That, They’re Gone

    Yesterday morning Buzz and Woody’s social worker phoned and started out the conversation “Sometimes the Ministry does things strange . . .” and then proceeded to tell us she would be picking them up in a few hours to reunite them with their birth family. That call was not expected. Earlier in the week we were told that the birth family had just made an effort to start the reunification process and the social worker said she wanted to take things slowly, with day visits and then overnights but she’d let us know more information at the end of the week. Well, that information resulted in us saying goodbye immediately,…

  • Thoughts on Fostering

    Honest Thoughts Three Months Into Fostering

    An alternate title I had for this post was:Β What Have We Gotten Into? We are just three months into our fostering journey and I wanted to write a post with some random, honest thoughts, similar to the one I wrote after the first month. I don’t know what the average length of placement is for fostering here but I would be curious to know. We’ve just had the one placement (Buzz & Woody) for the last three months (with no end in sight). I know some people who have had much longer placements and some much shorter.     HONEST THOUGHTS THREE MONTHS INTO FOSTERING   MOTHERING DOES NOT COME…


    Thoughts and Lessons from Our First Month Fostering

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since we welcomed Buzz and Woody into our home! In some ways it feels like way more than a month and in others it feels like it has cruised by. I thought I would share some random thoughts from the month. These thoughts aren’t really organized, I’m just sharing them in the order they come to me.   I bought clothes that were way too small They came with some needs in the clothing department and so we bought some the morning after we got them and I ended up buying a few things that were too small. I didn’t realize the…

  • Adoption Awareness Month - How do you know if you are called to adopt (or foster)

    How Do You Know if You’ve Been Called to Adopt (or Foster)?

    It’s Adoption Awareness Month and I have a number of ideas of posts to share for this month. I got a few different questions asked and I plan on answering them all over the next few weeks. Here’s a peek into what I hope to share (and I’m sure I’ll come up with more): how do you know if you’ve been called to adopt? (that’s this post!) how to get started how long does the paperwork take? what if I don’t instantly love my adopted child? how to talk about adoption with your adoptive child Let me know if you have other questions you would like answered or topics you…

  • Our first week of foster care

    We Survived the First Week!

    It’s officially been just over a week since we got Buzz and Woody* and we all survived! *My Instagram friend, Jessica from @theopenhome suggested we use those names for our online names for our first foster care placement and they are so perfect for these boys.   Here’s a few random things from the first week: The first few nights were rough Not a lot of sleeping occurred but the daytime was pretty good. You win some, you lose some. Thankfully it got better and they are pretty much sleeping through the night now except Woody who will sometimes wake up once and wants to be held to fall back…