• Advent Monthly Scripture Writing Challenge

    Monthly Scripture Writing Challenge: Advent

    I am really excited that it is finally time to share the Advent Scripture Writing Challenge! To be honest, I’ve never really done much in the way of Advent devotionals either on my own or with my kids and I want to change that this year, starting with this challenge. I purposefully made the passages short (or broke them up over a number of days if they were longer) because I also want my kids to copy at least some of the verses. You can see all my Scripture Writing Challenges here. Remember, don’t get hung up if you miss a day, don’t focus on the missed days, focus on…


    Monthly Scripture Writing Challenge: Orphan Care

    With November being Adoption Awareness Month and Ephraim’s adoption anniversary it seems like the perfect month for an orphan care Scripture writing challenge. I don’t think that every Christian needs to adopt or foster (but I’m not opposed to the idea either!) but we are all called to help the fatherless and needy. You’ll notice that the verses for this challenge are not all orphan specific, there are a lot of verses about doing good that don’t specifically point out orphan care. It plainly says in the Bible that people will know we are Christians by the way we treat those around us and one of the ways we can do…

  • Christians and Halloween - what should our role be?

    Some Thoughts on Christians and Halloween

    I’ve finally decided to write a post about Halloween this year, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for the last few years, better late than never I guess! Halloween is an event or day that has a lot of controversy in the Christian culture, in part because of it’s history, in part because people have grown up hearing entirely different things, and also in part from poor information.   THE HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN Halloween’s history went from a Christian celebration of the sacrifice martyrs made in the early church and eventually evolved into a more pagan celebration. I could write a full, not-so-great summary of the history of Halloween here…

  • When God Writes a Different Story

    This Isn’t Where We Were Supposed to Be Right Now (Literally)

    Last year I started saving for a big trip. Italy has been on my bucket list forever and I really wanted to make it happen. Jared and the kids were leaning towards France so I crunched some numbers and figured out approximately how much we would need to visit both countries for a couple of weeks and I started saving. At the beginning of this year I was close to the savings goal and in our budget I had it labeled Europe 2019. I was blocking off the end of September and beginning of October to be on the trip of a lifetime. And then God decided to shake my world up.…

  • Thankful Scripture Writing Challenge - Bible verses about Thankfulness

    Monthly Scripture Writing Challenge: Thankfulness

    October is right around the corner and I’m a little ahead of the game this month with the Scripture writing challenge. Like I mentioned last month the theme for October is Thankfulness. I’ll speak for myself here: I am a selfish, greedy person. If I’m not careful I can easily forget that everything I have is thanks to God. It can be all too easy to get into the entitlement trap and think that I deserve what I have (the good stuff of course). But that isn’t how things work. I need to remember that and come to God with a humble heart and with thanksgiving. And since Canadian Thanksgiving…

  • Unschooling with Intention - A Free Online Workshop for Homeschoolers Who Want to Unschool

    The Best Parenting Books Every Christian Parent Should Read

    The unofficial theme here this month is “parenting”, which I kicked off with a parenting themed Scripture writing challenge a few weeks ago. Of course I couldn’t have a themed month without a book list! I wanted to share some of the best biblical-based parenting books I have read over the years. But first I wanted to share a disclaimer and say that these books in no way take priority over reading the Bible and discovering for ourselves what God has called us to as parents. That being said, I find good biblical-based parenting books can be very encouraging, if you are looking for some, here are eleven of my…