He Was Meant To Be Here

    I’m having a hard time knowing we’ve been home for two weeks already and Ephraim has been a part of our lives for almost two months. In some ways it seems like the time is going by so quickly and yet life with him feels so normal. He fits into our family. He was meant to be here. Sure there are adjustments. Raeca gets jealous and has difficulty finding time to be alone when her little brother is always following her around. We need to get used to (again) the messy way toddlers eat and their ability to poop way beyond what their diaper can hold. But he is home…


    2014 in Photos & Video

    2014 started out as such a hard year. Perseverance was huge. But then the floodgates opened. Boy, did they open. Here’s a look at the highlights of the year in photos (and a little video):



    Well, we made it home! We are finally spending Christmas with this little guy. The one we’ve been praying for long before he was even born. I mentioned on Instagram that he didn’t know it but he is home, but truthfully, I think he does know it. He is so happy to be here, yesterday morning was his first morning here and shortly after he woke up he was running around the house yelling “yay, yay!” It’s how I’m feeling too. 🙂 We arrived home Monday night only to find out that none of our baggage made it (they managed to lose all 3 of our bags as well as…


    The Way Back Home

    Today we start our journey back home! I still have lots to share from our time here and I hope to do that in the coming weeks after Christmas. (It’s so hard to believe it’s almost Christmas! We’ve been focused on other stuff for so long we’ve pretty much missed the entire Christmas season.) Anyway, in a few hours we’ll be off to the airport. We have the same route as our way here: Durban -> Johannesburg -> Frankfurt -> Calgary -> Saskatoon. We are praying for uneventful flights and kids that sleep 🙂 For anyone interested in meeting us at the airport, we are currently set to arrive in…


    Recently Enjoyed Things

    A few more random photos of our time here in South Africa . . . watching the monkeys as they climb down from the roof and jump into the trees hello I know a lot of people expect South Africa to be more like dirt roads and chaos on the roads but in the city here it is very modern decorating the Christmas tree snacks at the market yay! windy day at the beach my guys monkey! technically this is not a great photo but I love it so, Jared gets a lot of reading done here (actually, he has, just not this day) smiles 🙂 where’s Ephraim? the place…


    A Quiet Day at Palmiet

    While we are here in South Africa we are trying to make an effort to find balance. We want to get out and see a lot of what the area has to offer but at the same time we want to make sure we don’t overwhelm Ephraim and try to stay around our B&B a lot of days. We’ve noticed that Ephraim’s personality definitely changes when we are in new places (the mall, the restaurant, outside, etc), he gets very quiet and serious. Though the longer he’s been with us the less time it takes him to warm up at each new place we go. Obviously we still go places but…