• The truth about adoption - life after international adoption

    The Truth About Adoption – Life Post Adoption

    Tomorrow marks four years since Ephraim legally became part of our family. I am always blown away when I think about how long he’s been with us. On one hand it seems like just yesterday and on the other hand it feels like he’s always been here. I’ve been wanting to write a post-adoption post for a long time and the weekend of his adoption anniversary seems like the perfect time. When we were going through the adoption process I followed a lot of other couples in the process, both on social media and their blogs and I noticed an annoying trend: whenever they would complete the adoption process they…

  • Our Adoption Story - The Journey to Ephraim

    Our Adoption Story – The Journey to Ephraim

    In just three months we will be celebrating Ephraim’s fourth anniversary of being a part of our family. I have no idea how time has gone so quickly. How is he not still that chubby one and a half year old who refused to say anything other than “Mama”? Honestly, there are some days where I forget that he is adopted but then I see his cheeky smile and how positive and happy he is and it hits me; he has someone else’s genes, while that smile is meant for me, he probably inherited it from one of his birth parents. At that point I’m usually overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude that I…


    It Was Never Random

    On the weekend someone asked me if we had adopted Ephraim. I always laugh a little inside when people ask, especially when they have seen both me and Jared; two people as white as us don’t usually produce children as brown as Ephraim. But I understand the question, it’s a polite and safe way to approach the subject and I enjoy talking adoption with people. After I confirm that yes, we had adopted him people usually have a reply that has made me feel a little uncomfortable. They make it seem like we are a higher class of people or are more righteous because we have adopted (neither are true),…

  • Taking Time to Answer some Adoption FAQ's


    I’ve been thinking quite a bit about some adoption FAQ’s I’d like to answer. Some of these questions I’ve had people ask me and because I’m pretty much a Moses when it comes to speaking I probably mumbled some incoherent answer and came up with a better answer later and have been kicking myself ever since, and some of them are questions I’ve read online or even wondered myself prior to the whole process and now feel like I’m finally able to answer to some extent. We are only about a year and a half into the post-adoption process and I don’t even try to pretend I’ve got it all…


    Ephraim’s One Year Adoption Anniversary

    How has this little guy only been a part of our family for the last year? He is silly, rough and tumble and yet sweet and sensitive. He is seriously the funniest two year old I have ever known, he makes me laugh out loud every day. He loves to make everyone laugh and his smile is absolutely contagious. Tomorrow, November 17th, is one year since we passed court and Ephraim officially became our son. I feel like the year has gone so well. When we met with our social worker way back in the beginning when we started our homestudy it felt like she really warned us about attachment and all…


    Nine-ish Months

    We recently passed the nine month mark of Ephraim’s adoption, what a whirlwind these past months have been! (Ha, apparently a whirlwind because we are actually closer to the ten month mark by the time I actually got around to posting this.) To be honest, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of time we’d spend dealing with some medical issues with Ephraim . . . overall he’s healthy but he’s had quite a few smaller things that add up to approximately 21 doctors appointments, one ambulance ride and one night in the hospital in the last eight months (with more appointments in the future and surgery in the next year or…