• A Look Inside Our Simple Homeschool Week - Unschooling

    Homeschooling While Social Distancing

    Even though we’ve homeschooled for years there is a difference between regular homeschooling and homeschooling when social distancing. Personally, I like to make sure we have an even balance of days at home and days out an about to be able to help out both my introvert and extrovert. So while we are used to having an entire day at home, we are not used to doing it for days on end. I want to do a little post later this week on how life is different right now as a result of COVID-19 because I think that will be interesting to look back on years from now.    …

  • Easy DIY Escape Room for Kids

    An Easy DIY Escape Room for Kids

    At the beginning of last week I had a random-middle-of-the-night idea to make a DIY escape room for my kids. I’m not normally big into planning activities for my kids, Raeca often asks for a scavenger hunt for her birthday and that’s about the extent of it. But for whatever reason the idea came into my head and I got really excited about it. I searched on Pinterest for ideas and of course I got a few ideas but there was no ready-made escape room, it was a lot of getting little ideas here and there.     I wanted to keep the escape room simple (for me) and didn’t…

  • A Peek Inside Our Simple Homeschool Week - Unschooling

    The Best Homeschool Week We’ve Had in a Long Time

    Wow, what a difference once week can make! And I mean that in so many different ways. In the middle of last week I made the decision to officially switch to unschooling my kids. I know the term unschooling is a terrible name, it’s not really as hippie as it sounds, I promise. And it was like a weight was instantly lifted off my shoulders. We ended up having the best “homeschool week” we’ve had in a long time. Also, a week ago we were hanging out at one of our local museums where we have a membership and now they are all closed. A week ago many of our friends…

  • A Peek Inside Our Simple Homeschool Week - Unschooling

    How to Entertain Your Kids & Make Sure They Are Ready for Next Year – Suddenly Homeschooling

    Well, as with a lot of the world my province is officially shutting down schools by the end of this week. And I know there are a lot of people who are suddenly homeschooling that were not prepared for it at all. As someone who doesn’t like people telling me what to do I am sure I would be annoyed with that. But as a homeschooler I am excited for all these other families to get a chance to try it! I was public and semi-private schooled for my school career, went to college, went to university and worked and taught in schools for years before homeschooling. My time in…

  • Officially Switching to Unschooling for Our Homeschool

    Why I’ve Been Scared of Unschooling and Why We’re Officially Switching

    We are close to closing out on our fourth year homeschooling (!!!! How did that go so quickly?!) and it’s time to make some changes, officially. There are a variety of homeschool methods, including one I wish I could do but just doesn’t suit my personality and our life. For the past four years I have thought we were in the “eclectic spectrum” of homeschooling, pulling from a variety of different methods but there is one method we always default to. That method is unschooling. Now, before you start freaking out and thinking I am not going to teach my kids anything, let me just say that it isn’t how…

  • Our Homeschool Week in Review - Books and Resources Used

    Finishing Our Space Unit – Homeschool Week in Review

    This was our last week in our space unit. It was fun to deep dive into a unit like this and while there was a lot we didn’t cover but our interest waned and so we wrapped up the unit, that’s one of the benefits of flexible homeschooling! It seems like every week lately there has been some unforeseeable chaotic element eliminating a day or two and this week was no different!     OUR HOMESCHOOL WEEK IN REVIEW   For reference, here’s the low down on the kids: Raeca – she’s 9 and in grade 4 Ephraim – he’s 6 and in grade 1 R2D2 – he’s 17 months (he came…