• Strawberry Rhubarb Shortbread Squares - dairy free and gluten free!

    Strawberry Rhubarb Shortbread Squares – Dairy Free and Gluten Free

    Last year I decided to mix two recipes I found online to create these delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Shortbread Squares. I took the shortbread portion of the recipe from here and the strawberry rhubarb portion from here and greatness ensued. I recently made the recipe again and realized I really needed to write the recipe out the way I make it because it is incredibly confusing to flip back and forth between two recipes.     The original shortbread recipe was using gluten all-purpose flour but I’ve been using our gluten free all-purpose flour to make it and it turns out divine, so you can make it either way depending what…

  • Gluten Free Bake With Me - Gluten Free Banana Bread, Dehydrating Herbs and a Gluten Free Sourdough Starter Fail

    Baking Gluten Free Banana Bread, Dehydrating Herbs & A Failed Gluten Free Sourdough Starter

    This week I was doing some gluten free baking and herb dehydrating and decided to do a bake with me video. Also, I have my first attempt (and fail) at a sourdough starter. Since making the video I have decided I WILL TRY AGAIN! Ha, hopefully there will be a gluten free sourdough success video in the future. I have another post with the banana bread recipe but I’ll include it below as well.       Here are some links from the video: banana bread recipe my food dehydrator homemade gluten free all purpose flour more gluten free recipes  

  • Frozen Hot Chocolate that tastes just like Wendy's Style Frosty and is dairy free!

    Frozen Hot Chocolate aka Wendy’s Frosty Knock Off – Dairy Free!

    On hot summer days, or unusually warm spring days, we like to cool down with this super simple frozen hot chocolate. You can call it frozen hot chocolate or you can call it a Wendy’s Frosty knock off, both would be accurate. (I would call it a Frosty but both my kids are lactose intolerant and have no idea what a Frosty is.) No matter what you call it it’s delicious and it’s our summer go to.     So far this spring we’ve been doing a decent amount of work in our yard. We added a playhouse for the kids, one they can use for years instead of growing…

  • Gluten Free Banana Bread - The Best You'll Ever Have

    Gluten Free Banana Bread – The Best You’ll Ever Have

    This year marks seven years since Jared was diagnosed with celiac disease. The last seven years have been a learning curve but I’m thankful that gluten free food has come such a long way in the last few years! That being said, I still have troubles with baking gluten free things with the words bread or buns in them. (And I really, really miss baking gluten bread.) It always seems like anything gluten free that is bread-like just can’t compare to the gluten original. That is, until I made this banana bread. This bread knocked my socks off. If it was acceptable (and wouldn’t make me gain a ton of…

  • Simple and Delicious Rhubarb Syrup - great for drinks and ice cream!

    Simple and Delicious Rhubarb Syrup

    I love rhubarb for a couple of reasons: it grows incredibly well, even if your husband accidentally tilled it up one spring 😉 it is the first thing that starts producing so I can use it way earlier than any other fruit and vegetable in my garden I don’t have the greenest of thumbs but rhubarb makes me feel good about my plant growing capabilities This super simple syrup is my favorite way to use my massive rhubarb harvest. I like that it can be made with fresh or frozen rhubarb so I can get the taste of summer even in the middle of our freezing winters.     This…

  • The Best Healthy Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

    The Best Hot Cocoa – Homemade & Dairy-Free

    I don’t drink coffee and about a year ago I found one kind of tea that I enjoy. But I am often cold and live in a land of almost perpetual winter so a girl has got to have some kind of hot beverage to warm herself with. Enter homemade hot chocolate. I originally found a Starbucks copycat recipe years ago and used to make it here and there but in the last two years I’ve modified it quite a bit and now make it every day. It may be a bit of an addiction. The original recipe and how I made it for years was with regular milk but once…