The 25 Absolute Best Read Aloud Picture Books – As Voted by Homeschool Mamas

    I’ve been hosting a Wednesday evening homeschool chat over on Instagram since the beginning of June and this month we are chatting all things books! (One of my absolutely favorite topics ever.) We started this month by chatting about picture books. I asked people to share their three favorites. How many people do you think actually stuck to three? Ha, not that many, myself included! I went with three and a bonus but really, there were so many other good ones I could have included! I guess that’s why I share so many book lists here on the blog. This list today includes a number of the picture books that…


    21 of the Best STEM Books for Kids

    I’m continuing the STEM theme from the last few weeks with 21 of the best STEM books for kids. There are a number of the typical picture books on this list and then some great non-fiction books as well. I’m also hoping to share some of our favorite (non-book) STEM related resources soon too, so keep an eye out for that! (And if you have any favorite STEM resources, book or non-book, I would love for you to leave me a comment at the bottom of the post so we can check them out.)     OTHER POSTS YOU MAY ENJOY: The Best Picture Books About Girls and Science Making…

  • The Best Picture Books that Involve Adoption and Help Explain it to Kids

    Adoption Picture Books for Kids (and Parents!)

    I can’t believe I’ve never shared an adoption picture book list here on the blog yet! Truth be told they aren’t the easiest of books to find, at least not good ones, but we’ve read a number of them and today we are sharing some of our favorites. Adoption is a topic that has always been on my heart, even as a teenager, I always knew that I wanted to adopt and was very fortunate to find a guy who was with me on that. The adoption process was not easy in the least, but three country programs and four agencies later, we were blessed with the funniest, cutest little…

  • Ten Funny Picture Books That Will Have Kids Laughing Out Loud

    Ten Funny Picture Books That Will Have Kids Laughing Out Loud

    My kids, like most I know, love to laugh. It’s always a lot of fun around here when we find a picture book that has them laughing out loud. Ephraim has the cutest little giggle which gets me and Raeca laughing, it’s a great bonding experience. 🙂 These are a few books that get us giggling. If you have any favorite funny picture books you’d recommend leave a comment below, we’d love to check them out! This post has been so popular and we enjoy funny picture books so much that I’ve written two more funny picture book lists. Check out one of the lists here and the other here.…