• What I Read in February

    What I’ve Been Reading Lately – February

    I decided to do something a little different this month and breeze through the books I didn’t like as much and spend more time talking about the five star books. And I got a few five star books this month! Unfortunately I also (started) a zero star book, and it was one I thought would be a five star, that’s always disappointing.     If you like all things books, make sure to sign up for my book-ish newsletter! My reading wrap up is in video form again this month but I think this may be the last month I do it this way. I feel like I’ve talked about these…

  • January Reading Wrap Up

    What I’ve Been Reading Lately – January

    January was my biggest reading month . . . ever?! Probably at least since I was a teenager and had next to zero responsibilities and I put off the few responsibilities I had to read (I’m looking at you, homework). Not only did I read a lot of books this month, I read a lot of big books. Also, in book-ish news, we got a few bookcases in our living room. Library wall, here we come! I am still doing some rearranging and organizing but I’m liking it so far.     If you like all things books, make sure to sign up for my book-ish newsletter! Also, I’ve been sharing a…

  • What We've Been Reading Lately

    What We’ve Been Reading Lately – December

    December was a pretty decent reading month in our house. The cold weather makes for some good indoor reading time.     THE MOM I am starting something this month (well, I actually started a couple of weeks ago): attempting to chat about books over on YouTube. There is a whole BookTube community on YouTube that I really enjoy watching and commenting on and for 2020 I wanted to contribute to the conversation by sharing some videos. I have a video with my reading wrap up if you prefer that. If not, you can read on.     I read eight books this month and for the most part they…

  • What We've Been Reading in Our Home and Homeschool Lately

    What We’ve Been Reading Lately – November

    The month of November really surprised me reading wise. I thought I would not finish a single book this month but I actually read a few! It was actually a decent reading month for everyone in our house. I am giving partial credit to our new electric fireplace that we have in the living room, it has become a habit to read by the warmth of the fireplace for a bit almost every evening after the kids go to bed. I also think that partial credit goes to my new Read Your Bookshelf Challenge and my decision to only/mostly* read books I own, I now don’t have to try to…

  • What We Read in October

    What We’ve Been Reading Lately – October

    Did you know that writing multiple blogs can get confusing? I bet it can be confusing for those who read them both because it can get confusing for me! Because I have a separate blog for our homeschool resources I don’t share much about homeschooling here. The only problem is that there is so much overlap between our life and homeschooling and sometimes I don’t know which blog I should share things on. For the last few months I had been sharing our monthly reading wrap ups over on the homeschool blog but I decided to migrate them back over here. (You can see all the reading wrap ups here…


    What We’ve Been Reading Lately – September

    So, apparently when the weather changes here I start reading more. In June and July I only read one book a month and this month I read something like twelve books! Other than the cooler weather I also think Scribd has a lot to do with my increased reading. I’m not even a full month into my free trial and I’ve already read/listened to seven books on there with a couple more on the go and some of the ones I read at the beginning of the month pre-Scribd are available on there as well. I’ve personally been very impressed by the selection. Not sure what Scribd is? Think of it…