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Back in the old blogging days people used to have a page that listed the blogs they followed (or else it would be in the sidebar) and I thought I’d bring back some old school blogging traditions I enjoyed, including this one.

These bloggers are all moms with blogs that I find worth my time to read and would highly suggest checking out if you are looking for more blogs to follow! I use Feedly to alert me when my favorite bloggers write a new post.

I am always looking for more good bloggers to follow, a few that I enjoy don’t seem to be posting during this season in life so I’ve left those off the list for now, if they start posting again in the future I’ll let you know. If you have any great blogger recommendations or write a blog yourself, leave me a comment below!


A note about Feedly: I use it to let me know that a blogger has a new post but I don’t read the posts within Feedly, I actually click over to their site. There are a few reasons for this, first of all, Feedly doesn’t always display all the content in the app, any featured photos are missing and I’ve noticed other elements such as polls and such are often not visible. And second, I want to click over to the actual blog so if they are running ads on their site they show up for me so that my fellow blogger friends can get paid. Seeing ads is such a small way to help bloggers out. And the third reason, a new goal of mine is to try to comment on almost every blog post I read, I want to be a part of the conversation, not a stalker. So, that’s how I use the app.


Tiffany from Beautiful Minutiae – Tiffany is a fellow homeschool mom who loves to read, and she’s a penpal of mine!

Callie from Through Clouded Glass – I came across Callie’s blog about a year and a half ago when I was looking for some old school bloggers and I love hers!

Alicia Hutchinson – Alicia is a homeschool mom, this year she’s sharing more about what she’s reading in the Bible and I love that!

Katie from Hope Engaged – Katie is from California, I’ve followed her online for years and she’s one of the few bloggers I have met in person!

Jessica at The Open Home – Jessica is from Guernsey and her and I have a lot in common, plus they plan on starting to foster soon!

Lara Casey – Lara’s site is pretty much just goals and planning stuff which I love.

Wynne Elder – Wynne is from Texas, I started following her back when we were just thinking about adopting and I followed their adoption journey as they brought home Camp and Asher.

Sue from Reaching Happy – Sue is a fellow Canadian homeschool mom!

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