• The truth about adoption - life after international adoption

    The Truth About Adoption – Life Post Adoption

    Tomorrow marks four years since Ephraim legally became part of our family. I am always blown away when I think about how long he’s been with us. On one hand it seems like just yesterday and on the other hand it feels like he’s always been here. I’ve been wanting to write a post-adoption post for a long time and…

  • Reading Wrap Up - the books I read in October - classics and contemporary books for moms

    The Books I Read in October

    These reading wrap ups are really showing me how quickly the months are flying by. I kept wanting to type “The Books I Read in September” for the title of this post, but that was last month, this is October’s reading wrap up. I’ve been filming a few book videos lately. I had my fall book haul and I made…

  • Book Haul - mostly classics and mostly thrifted, second hand books

    Fall Book Haul – Tons of Classics!

    So, about a month ago or so I stumbled across the whole BookTube world. To say that it may have changed my life does not seem too dramatic. I quickly got sucked into watching tons of videos about books and came away really excited to dive into reading more classics. Reading more classics has been a goal of mine for…

  • Reading Wrap Up - the books I read in September - classics and contemporary books for moms

    The Books I Read in September

    Well, September was a good reading month! I read eleven books and in this round-up I’m also including one that I finished October 1st – Girl, Wash Your Face, because there are so many conflicting and controversial thoughts and reviews on it and I wanted to share my opinion on it. I also learned a lot about myself as a reader this…