• Our Adoption Story - The Journey to Ephraim

    Our Adoption Story – The Journey to Ephraim

    In just three months we will be celebrating Ephraim’s fourth anniversary of being a part of our family. I have no idea how time has gone so quickly. How is he not still that chubby one and a half year old who refused to say anything other than “Mama”? Honestly, there are some days where I forget that he is adopted but then…

  • Simple Mother Culture - An Instagram Prompt Challenge

    A Mother Culture Instagram Challenge

    One of the reasons I enjoy homeschooling so much is because being a lifelong learner is very important to me. Even if we weren’t homeschooling I would constantly be taking books out of the library on topics that interest me and I want to learn more about. Before we started homeschooling I loved the sounds of the Charlotte Mason homeschooling…

  • Have a child with anxiety? Try some of these tips to help calm them down and work through their anxieties.

    Tips for Helping Kids with Anxiety Succeed

    When I was first naming this post I almost called it “tips for dealing with kids with anxiety” and while there is truth in that, I don’t want to “deal with” my kids or their anxieties, I want to help them succeed. I asked on my Instagram stories last week if anyone else has children with anxiety because sometimes it…