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South Africa Adoption - travel dates!

I want so badly for that image above to be one of Ephraim (or one of Rae & him) but I have to wait until we pass court for that. But thankfully, that isn’t too far away!

Robyn, our social worker in South Africa got back last week and was able to set up our court date so it’s been a flurry of booking flights and hotels and connecting online with other couples throughout Canada (well, Saskatchewan and BC so far) that will be there at the same time.

The city our agency works out of is Durban, right on the south eastern coast of South Africa. I’m pretty sure it’s as far away from Saskatchewan that a person could get.

Most children in South Africa that are adopted out (through our agency) live in homes within the Durban area but Ephraim is a bit special 🙂 and lives 4 hours north of Durban. Normally what happens is the family flies into Durban and makes daily visits to the home to get to know their child over the course of a week and then they go to court. Since Ephraim is so far out of Durban we are actually arriving in Durban on a Friday, on Saturday morning we will drive up and meet him and spend that day and Sunday getting to know him, have court Monday morning where we will legally become his parents and then drive back down to Durban with him and spend some time there while we wait for paperwork (citizenship and passport).

Now, here’s where I’d love for all my prayer warrior friends to really jump up: this court and judge? Our social worker has never dealt with either. And international adoption isn’t always looked upon favorably by judges in South Africa.

We would love for your prayers to start already that this judge’s heart will be open to us adopting Ephraim and his ruling will reflect that.

We leave in a few short weeks and would be grateful for every single prayer. Part of me thinks “this journey has been so long already, surely we’ll pass court” and another part of me says “that would be too easy, the last three years have been one test after another, what makes you think this won’t just be another one?” It’s hard to bounce back and forth between the two, wanting to be optimistic but afraid of getting my hopes up. So I guess you can pray for me too.

Also, we are waiting on a few papers that seem to have either gotten lost in the mail or taking a really long time to get here, we’d love prayers for them to get here asap.

We’d also appreciate prayer for Ephraim. For the whole transition, that he won’t be too confused, that he will bond well with us, that he won’t be completely overwhelmed by his older sister (and her incessant talking), and also for his health, we’ve got a few things to look into/take care of when he gets home and I’m hoping doctor visits on top of everything else isn’t too much at once.

Thank you, sweet friends. Your prayers are always felt and appreciated.

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