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With this transition to a gluten-free kitchen I’ve been doing a lot more baking and cooking completely from scratch. The menu planning process goes something like this: Okay, I want to make a nice tender roast in the slower cooker. This recipe calls for soy sauce and onion soup mix. We’ve already got the gluten-free soy sauce but what about onion mix, is it gluten-free? {Commence Googling.} Okay, so it’s not gluten-free. {Start searching on Pinterest for a recipe for gluten-free onion mix.} Okay, found a recipe but now I have to find dehydrated onion flakes, where does one find those in the store? . . . 

For the most part I’m actually enjoying the cooking. We are eating healthier, reading ingredient labels closely and realizing all sorts of things we were putting into our bodies that we probably shouldn’t have been.

With all this cooking I wanted to be able to add in some fresh herbs to feel more legit. I had an old metal tin that I got from my Mom who I believe got it from my Grandma so I asked Jared if he could make me a box to go around it. My only requirements was that it looked rough because I wanted it to look a little vintagey.

He found some scrap wood in the garage, nailed it together and made me this box.

Exactly what I was hoping for!

I used some leftover paint from the step stool he made a few weeks ago and very roughly painted it (Raeca even “helped” me paint it).

I then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the word “herbs” out of contact paper and adhered it to the box.

I got out my trusty $1 acrylic paint and used a foam brush to dab the paint over the letters.

After letting the paint dry for a few minutes I removed the contact paper.

I let the paint dry completely and then began to sand the whole box to make it feel like a vintage herb box. I kind of like how when I sanded it a knot appeared between the letters and it kind of looks like “herb’s”.

The end result with the tin box inside.

I placed some rocks down in the bottom of the tin for drainage and then planted my herbs.

Ta-da! I love how this little box brightens up a room!

Do you grow your own herbs? Which do you use the most often?

with love,


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