A Deep Longing

a deep longing

It can come up so suddenly, at the most unexpected of times. This morning I opened up Facebook and saw this face:

Sweet, sweet Sam with the most amazing smile. It’s hard to believe that this young boy, who we only saw a few times while in Uganda, has stolen my heart so completely. I still want to take him home. <3

Just seeing this photo makes me long for the red dirt roads, the children yelling out ‘muzungu’ as we drive by, dancing in church to songs I don’t know or can’t understand, and the sweet faces of these precious orphaned children.

The next time we go to Africa we won’t be seeing the same beautiful faces we saw last time but we will see many similar ones -precious children with big, beautiful smiles and no one to call Mommy or Daddy.

They say that Africa gets under your skin, and it is completely true, I can’t wait to return.

If you have been contemplating going on a trip to a country in Africa I would encourage you to check out the Visiting Orphans trip list, their trips sound amazing and they often travel to Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Just know that I’ve warned you: once you’ve gone you will always want to go back. The country and the people are too memorable to ever forget.

with love,


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