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2015: My One Little Word

I have been contemplating my one little word for this year for quite a few months and keep coming back to the same set of words:

hospitality, gather & community

Maybe it’s not one little word, but it is my one little theme.

Remember that hospitality project that I started at the end of last spring? The one that I focused on for a few weeks and then kind of put it on the back burner? Well, this year my plan is to revive that project and make it a lifestyle.

This year I want to practice hospitality.
We want to invite people into our home and into our lives.

I’ve been working at pinning lots of gatherings on Pinterest. And while I don’t believe that the art of hospitality always needs to be Pinterest worthy I do know that I want to make an effort for my guests.

A major part of the reason that we moved a few months ago was so we could have a home that was easier to accommodate having people over. We didn’t get a whole lot more square footage overall by moving but the way it is arranged we have a lot more entertaining space (as opposed to the house we moved from which had large bedrooms but a smaller space for entertaining). The the five weeks we were here before heading out to South Africa we had already opened our home to over 50 people and while I don’t think those kind of numbers will be constant (I’d prefer less people and more connection), it is a good start.

I’m looking forward to all who I will get to know through this next year with such a focus on keeping our door open.

As for the previous few years: last year my word was do, which encompassed finish, move and accomplish. I feel that really happened this last year. In 2013 it was serve, in 2012 I chose celebrate & create and in 2011 I had move and pray (as you can tell, I’m really bad at just picking one word).

Do you have a word or theme for 2015?